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Gender Roles in the Ukrainian Family


In  case an American or European man looks for Ukrainian woman to build
family,  he knows that her breed differs from what he had used to meet among the women of his country. Meantime the difference must not be an obstacle  on the way to happiness, so it is important to know the real situation in the field.
Normal  Ukrainian  family  is  more  traditional  than modern European family.  Ukrainian  man protects, makes decisions, earn money, provide his  family. Ukrainian woman cares about house holding. Meantime a lot of Ukrainian women are working and put their part to family budget. It means  that  Ukrainian  women  are  able  to do carrier and care about family  and Ukrainian men accept it...

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She is too Beautiful, I Have no Chance!


It  is a common mistake in the dating on-line. Looking at the stunning photo,  you may think it is impossible to catch her attention and even don’t  try.  It  means you lose before you try to win, and it is a bad policy in any situation.
Firstly,  the beauty isn’t the most important in relationships. If the beauty  give  everything  in  this field, the girl wouldn’t use dating site  to  find  her  man, would she? She put her profile on the dating site  and  it  means  she  couldn’t  find her man amongst dozen people trying  to  date her for her beauty. She looks for something else, and the  easiest  way  to know what she looks for is to ask her! And it is the  first  step  of  communication,  the  beginning  which could lead to mutual love and romance!
Here ...

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Who Must do the First Step?


Ukraine  is  traditional  country  despite  her  closeness  to Europe. Nowadays  European  values  are  closer  to  each person than any time before, so you may meet in Ukraine feminists, gays, fighters for human rights  and  other members of modern society, but here in Ukraine such people  consist  a very small part of the society. People look at them as  extravagant  persons  and lead their normal life. And in Ukrainian normal life it is a man who must make the first step in relationships. Man  must be initiative, strong, open, he must confess and a girl must accept  his feelings to refuse them. Don’t expect that Ukrainian woman will  act  a  European one, it is hardly possible. Be more traditional because  she  is probably more traditional than the women you have met before...

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Old New Year


There is a special Ukrainian custom one must know dating Ukrainian girl. People in Ukraine celebrate Old New Year according Julian calendar. The difference between Gregorian calendar used all over the world and Julian used by Russian Orthodox Church is 13 days, so today, in January, 13 New Year really comes to Russia and Ukraine. We must confess that climate and weather incline to follow old Julian calendar. Usually last days of December and first two weeks of January are very rainy, dirty and wet. It looks like cold and unpleasant autumn. True winter comes after true New Year :)

It is the last day of the New Year holidays...

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Christmas Holiday in Ukraine


Ukraine has its customs in celebrating New Year and Christmas. The big part  of  the  customs comes from the old times when Ukraine was rural country  and  a  lot of people were villagers. So the children go over the  village  singing  songs  during Christmas and grown ups give them sweets,  cakes and other delicious things. Sometimes youngsters do the same  and  during the Christmas night they can collect a lot of stuff. Afterwards  participants  go  home  to  some  of  the  company and eat everything with songs.
Nowadays  such  customs  becomes  more  and  more archaic and a lot of people  just gather with all the family and have common festive dinner together.
Ukrainians  have a special dish for Christmas eve. It is rice porridge with raisins and honey.

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New Year Gifts


Ukrainians  have  no  custom  to present gifts for Christmas, but they present  gifts  for  New  Year.  It  is  a  holiday  when you ought to demonstrate  your  relation  to  the  big  circle  of your friends and relatives.   Telephone  call with greetings is absolutely necessary if you  want  to save  relation. You  also may present a New Year Card, it is also possible.
This day is a special case to present something to your girlfriend. It will  show  your feelings and make the day as festive for you both. So what to present?
The  gift  must  not be too big or expensive. It must be something you can  put  under  the fir-tree so that she could find it there. You may present:
1. Sweets. Chocolate is the best, it is a good choice if she likes it.

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If You Have no Time for Relationships


If  you  are short of time and your girlfriend, met in real life or on the dating site, cannot communicate with you as often as she wants, it is  a  very  bad  situation  and  it  may  end in the sad way for you. Starting  relationships you must understand that in case you meet your mate your life will change. Being with someone together means to spend time together, to communicate, to share everything happened to you and to  let  another  person come into your life. It is what relationships means.  If you have no time for it, you have no time for relationships itself. In such a case it isn’t fair to get woman’s attention, to make
her  to  spend  time for you meanwhile you are not going to be serious with  her...

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