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Russian women have so much nobility, love, despair, strength and will!


Russian women are morally strong, volitional, strong-willed, but despite this, they want to feel defenseless young girls with strong men who can protect them. Russian ladies, no matter how much money they receive, spend a large portion of their salary to buy clothes, shoes, bags, etc. The fact is that Russian women try to look stylish, attractive and impressive, it is very important for them. In all the situations they do their best to be on the ball.
Maybe that is why they are popular with foreign men. Foreigners who come to Russia say that local girls are dressed as if they are going to a disco.
Women in Russia have a combination of femininity and domesticity, they are well-groomed, businesslike and very active...

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Ukranian single girl Christina from RomanceCompass!


I am a cheerful, beautiful, honest and kind lady with a pure soul and a warm heart. I have a positive attitude to life, I like to learn, and get a new experience, and I have a sense of humour. I have a lo of hobbies in my life and I a, happy that it is not just a hobby but this is my part of life because I am a painter. I don’t have much time for myself , just work and sport . Because of this I came to the online singles dating sites where woman seeking for the single men. Don’t hesitate to contact Christina on the RomanceCompass right...

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Meet Romantic Bride Stela from RomanceCompass!


My home is my castle. I am a girl with a strong character and family values. I love life and the people who surround me. That you knew me better, I’ll just tell you the strongest and the weakest feature of my character. I’m an experimenter, and I’m not afraid to try something new. I think this is a strong part of me. I am a strong spirit, and never afraid of difficulties. But when I am in the man’s arms I have become fragile and weak woman. If we talk about my faults? Well! I am a little bit stubborn)) But do not be afraid!!! I do not bite my dear))) You have a chance to start live video ...

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Beautiful Bride Elena from RomanceCompass!


I am a girl who never sits still I mean I am always on the move traveling, keeping fit, doing yoga, helping my family, working in insurance, developing my own business boredom is not for me for sure. I am really soft and easy-to-be-hurt. Was betrayed once and that is why don’t want anything like this any more. I am feminine and tender, ambitious and striving for the best, loving and caring, merry and funny to be with, risky and spontaneous all in one I am a true WOMAN. You  may start live video chat with Elena right now!

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What are the Russian girls?


There is a stereotype that women of every nationality share certain characteristics: Jewish women are adverse, Ukrainian girls are greedy, oriental are submissive, etc. And what are the Russian girls?
Not in a single of civilizations does a woman play such a role, as in Russian one. God gave us a woman, so that she hug us, warm, hide from troubles, feed up and put into bed. In her arms we forget about everything.
Russian women are very good wives and mothers. Most of them know how to cook well. Usually in their homes reigns cleanliness. They need someone to take care of. Such women even believe that if they do not care about someone, then there is no sense to do something just for oneself.
Russian women are very sociable...

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What You Should Know About Russian Relationship Superstitions


The Russian are a very superstitious nation. They think they are surrounded by the omens at every step. You should be very careful because as an outsider you may pull a boner at any time. Of course, when your Russian girlfriend sees your bewildered face, she will explain to you her reaction but it’s always better to be prepared for any surprises in advance. There are a lot of superstitions concerning everyday life. Along with them, there are a number of dating and relationship beliefs that you should be aware of in order to avoid some awkward situations.

  • Stepping on other person’s foot.

If your girl accidentally steps on your foot, don’t be surprised if she’ll ask you to step on her foot in return...

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If You Want to Change Your Partner


If you want to build relationships you must remember that you deal with a personality. Every girl, every woman is a personalty, she has her character, her values, her habits. If you love her, it means you love her in total, you love everything she is including her values, habits and character. if you want to change in her something, think good. Will you love as passionately what you will get? In may cases it is better not to do it even if you can, besides, it is almost impossible to change a grown-up person.
So try to find something good in what you already have. Try to accept her in the way she is. Try to give her what she wants. If you find it necessary to change, you must do it together, remember it. If you want her to change be ready to change yourself!
If you are ready to pa...

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Ukrainian Girls in Relationships


Slavic girls are family-oriented, kind, tender, caring. Ukrainian girls as Slavic girls have all the counted traits. Besides Ukrainian are usually well-educated because good education for women is a big value in the social relations in Ukraine. Meantime Ukrainian girls are very emotional. Emotional part of relationships is very important for them. If you give her everything in material sphere like money, home, status and so on, but will not give her love, feeling, open heart, she will be not satisfied and probable your relationships will end with time. Don’t be afraid in communication with Ukrainian girl.
Be yourself, be sincere, be open and you will get what you look for! is the first and the best daring site which offers you to meet real Ukrainian girls...

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Spring is Coming Soon!


Winter  is  coming  to  the  end,  we have to survive the last days of the dark, cold and unpleasant season. Some people adore winter for its whiteness,  cheerfulness, frost, but most people prefer spring for the awakeners  of  the  nature,  soul  and  heart.  Winter  gives  us  the St.Valentines’ day to cheer us up, but spring offers us the renewal of feelings, emotions and love! It is time to register on Romance Compass and create new love this coming spring!

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Meeting on the Site


The  communication  via  dating site has its specific. You cannot meet your partner in person and should use web-ways to keep in touch. Firstly  you must consider time difference. Web-cam is a normal way to communicate  nowadays and Romance Compass offers such a service as live video  chat,  but  you live in different countries and time difference may  be  very  big.  If  you appoint a virtual dating with web-cam, it would   take   more   endeavors  to find the time convenient for both. As  a  rule  Ukrainian  girls  don’t  stay indoors, they are studying, working,   lead  active  life,  so  don’t  be afraid to meet different complications  on the way. If you both wish it, you will overwhelm any obstacle!
Communication on-line is a sphere of words...

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