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Ukrainian Beauty Angelina

Romance   Compass  introduces  Ukrainian  bride  looking  for  serious relationships!  Angelina  is  an  easy  going,  smart,  kind girl with romantic  heart  and sincere wish to meet her love and to make her man happy!  Angelina  doesn’t  care  about  appearance  and age, she needs someone  able  to  share her ideas and answer her feelings! Don’t...

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Ukrainian girl is looking for love!

Zlata  Adelina lives in small Ukrainian city. She uses Romance Compass dating site to find her love!
Zlata-Adelina  works  as  a  vocal  teacher,  likes to spend time with friends  and  believes  in  true love! You have a chance to start live video chat with her right now!

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What is not Scam

Scam is misuse of your trust with purpose to get money. Communicating with some person from the Internet you always take a risk. You may diminish the risk using dating site which would check your partner’s identity and offers you live video chat where you can confirm that the girl you are communicating with is the same you like on the photo.

After that you may feel completely protected but sometimes it doesn’t happen. You think she doesn’t pay you attention enough, answer with generic words and is insincere with you. Your conclusion is fast – she is a scammer! Be careful, you may be mistaken!

Don’t forget that you are communicating with alive person. She isn’t a doll or a picture, she has her own life! She has her friends and relatives in this life...

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Scam in the Internet

Scam is something everybody can meet in the Internet. Dishonest people like to use new opportunities for their crimes and the Internet gives them such opportunities. You communicate with someone you have never met before. This person lives far away and often in another country. It is very difficult to organize meeting because of distance, financial aspect, your schedule and so on. Sometimes you may communicate some months before you can meet in person. So it is a wide field for dishonest people to use such a situation. Some of them do it just for fun, but some do it to get money in such a way. They take another person’s photos, write from another person’s name, create fake profiles and misuse your time, feelings and money for their purposes.

It is hard to protect yourself in such a situati...

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Celebrate With Romance Compass!

Coming weekend will be festive in the Ukraine. Ukrainians and Russians
celebrate  Christmas  in  January,  6,  this Monday, so they have long weekend  to rest, celebrate, meet family and friends, to feel that new year starts and enjoy being amongst the people they love! It is a good opportunity  to  show your feelings to the girl you found on-line. May be you haven’t decided yet if you are a couple, but Christmas is a big holiday  and  congratulations  this day is necessary. You may send her e-mail,  Christmas  card  or  some gift. Romance Compass gift delivery service  will  help  you  to  choose  the  proper  present considering Ukrainian traditions and the girl’s personal preferences...

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Different Ways to Communicate On-line

Communication   is  very  important part of building relationships. If two persons are living so far away communication on the dating site is the only way for them to know each other.
You  may  start  communication  from  live video chat. This service is available  on  the  Romance Compass dating site. Photos in the profile may  be attractive but you never know the girl if you don’t see her in real  life.  Live  video chat give you this opportunity. Besides it is the best way to see that you don’t deal with  scammer. You will see the person from the photo and will be able to ask her about information in her profile to be sure she is the girl you chose.
Another way to communicate is e-mail correspondence. It isn’t as vivid as  live  video  chat  but it has its good sides...

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What is Scam?

 Scam is a criminal activity which includes pretending to be someone else in the Internet to get money from another people. The Internet gives a lot of opportunities for it and some people use it. To avoid scam one must be attentive, cautious and use just well known dating sites.
There is another aspect of the situation. Some people in the Internet are inclined to call scam any behavior of the person in the Internet in case the behavior doesn’t meet their wishes. If the girl didn’t reply the main in time, she is a scammer. If the girl didn’t answer the telephone call, she is a scammer. If the girl didn’t come to video chat at the appointed time, she is a scammer...

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Fake Profile on the Dating Site

CityRomanceCompassFake profile is the first sign of scam. If you meet a person pretending and hiding true identity it means you deal with scam. The Internet is an area of freedom where one can forget about responsibility but meantime the Internet has some places where you must be open and frank. It doesn’t mean you must tell all the details to everybody, it means the general things about you must be true. From the other side if you meet someone not sharing such general things like age, gender and intentions, it means you will waste your time and money with such a person. The first thing you have a right to rely upon is true information in the profiel on the dating site. That’s why it isn’t wise to use big part of free dating sites. If registration is for free you will never know who you deal with. Romance C...

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On-line Dating in the Modern World

Dating Romance CompassNowasays the Internet becomes a big part of our life. People use it for pleasure, entertainment, travels and job. It fulfills a lot of functions we always thought to be perfectly real, so it is normal that the Internet takes some functions in such a sphere as dating. Internet dating is highly developed now. There are a lot of dating sites for people looking for their mate. You may register there, communicate online, know each other, plan meeting and create a strong relationship. It is a normal part of modern life. But you must be careful in the Internet. It is a wide world of freedom and some people misuse it. Some people pretend they are not who they are. It is a problem. You may lose your money in such a way, but the most important you lose your time for sure...

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Romance Compass Live Video Chat

Beautiful girl with a laptop outdoor There are some ways to be sure you are not dealing with scam. The simplest way is on-line video chat. If your partner doens’t agree to it, invent a lot of reasons not to do it, it is the first sign you must worry. If she agreees right away, you may communicate, feel closer to each other and the last but not the least to be sure you both are real persons.

Romance Compass dating site offers a lof of servicees and live video chat is one of them. Eveyr girl you want to communicate to may be reached and take part in video chat. Appointing it you must remember that you two live in different countries, it means time difference. You both probably have your job, so the most part of the day will not be available...

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