Christmas and New Year Celebration

Christmas is coming. It is a big holiday in all Christian cultures. In Ukraine  we  celebrate  Christmas  in January, 6, after New Year. Last years  tradition  is  returning  to  old times, but as a rule New Year celebration  is  bigger  holiday than Christmas. Here in Ukraine it is normal  to  present  gifts for Christmas just to the children. Usually parents  and  grandparents present something to their little children, adult  people  just  exchange greetings.

Meanwhile we have a custom to exchange  gifts  on  New  Year.  It  is  time  when  you can show your relation  to your friends, relatives and specially to your girlfriend. You  may  present something small, not expensive and nice just to show that  you  celebrate  the  holiday  together. If your relation is more serious,  it is a reason to give your girl something more valuable. If you  communicate on-line and cannot meet in real life, it becomes very important in your relationships.
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