Russian women have so much nobility, love, despair, strength and will!


Russian women are morally strong, volitional, strong-willed, but despite this, they want to feel defenseless young girls with strong men who can protect them. Russian ladies, no matter how much money they receive, spend a large portion of their salary to buy clothes, shoes, bags, etc. The fact is that Russian women try to look stylish, attractive and impressive, it is very important for them. In all the situations they do their best to be on the ball.
Maybe that is why they are popular with foreign men. Foreigners who come to Russia say that local girls are dressed as if they are going to a disco.
Women in Russia have a combination of femininity and domesticity, they are well-groomed, businesslike and very active. Harmonious mix of diligence, smartness and care is present in every female representative of Slavic nation. In Moscow, every second-third lady can drive. Modesty in its traditional meaning seems to be gone. At the same time, women love when men for them, attract their attention and make expensive presents.
And there were so many great women in Russian history! Take the example of the wives of the Decembrists, who voluntarily went to their husbands into exile in Siberia. Russian women have so much nobility, love, despair, strength and will!

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