What are the Russian girls?


There is a stereotype that women of every nationality share certain characteristics: Jewish women are adverse, Ukrainian girls are greedy, oriental are submissive, etc. And what are the Russian girls?
Not in a single of civilizations does a woman play such a role, as in Russian one. God gave us a woman, so that she hug us, warm, hide from troubles, feed up and put into bed. In her arms we forget about everything.
Russian women are very good wives and mothers. Most of them know how to cook well. Usually in their homes reigns cleanliness. They need someone to take care of. Such women even believe that if they do not care about someone, then there is no sense to do something just for oneself.
Russian women are very sociable. They usually have a lot of friends that is why it is so difficult for them to dispense without phone. Russian women often meet with each other to discuss problems in life, recent events, tell secrets and get or give a piece of advice.
Russian women have a strong character. There is even a saying that they would enter a house on fire, / would hold up a galloping horse. This means that Russian women are very desperate. This shows that they will do everything in their power for the people who are close to them.

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  • Tertuliano Andrade.  says:

    Meu olá a todas a belas mulheres da Ucrania, Russia, Moldava e Eslavas…

    Eu moro no meu país Brasil, em minha cidade natal Palmas – Paraná.

    Tenho visitado e me cadastrei vários sites de namoro de voces, meu perfil é real e verdadeiro em todas as minhas intensões.

    `Portanto, quero encontrar a minha amada esposa entre voces… espero que observem atentamente ao meu perfil e se desejarem construir um casamento sério comigo, por favor venha a mim aqui na minha cidade natal Palmas-Paraná – Brasil.

    Estou cheio de amor para dar e receber…sinceridade, honestidade, fidelidade, responsabilidade são princípios que tenho em mim e nos meus atos pela vida…espero que voce compartilhe deles também!!!

    Me escreva e-mail, me ligue no meu telefone 55-46 – 9973 9934.
    facebook – Tertuliano Andrade.

    Te aguardo…beijo cheio de desejos de voce!!! Tertuliano Andrade

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