Best Places to Meet Russian Girls

russian girls

Since Russia and your country are miles and miles away, the first place where you can meet Russian beauties is the Internet, particularly online dating sites. In order not to waste your time, choose those sites that offer exclusively Russian women’s profiles. This way, you can be sure that every girl on the site is Slavic and all you need to do is to find the most attractive one (the choice is really difficult as all of them are extremely beautiful). Before you start sending messages, make sure that your profile is good-looking. Upload your up-to-date decent photos. Remember that those pics where you look foolish won’t attract girls as ladies are looking for serious and dependable men.

Apart from dating sites, you can contact Russian girls in social networks. You should know that beautiful girls receive dozens of requests every day, so if you don’t want to be ignored, find a plausible excuse why you decided to write to her. Don’t bomb her with compliments as you are taking the risk of being turned away.

If you are lucky enough to come to Russia to meet girls in real life you may wonder where Russian beauties like to spend time. The good news is that you don’t need to put much effort finding beautiful girls in Russia because they are everywhere. Even on the streets, you’ll see a lot of ladies wearing high heels and smart dresses. You should not be scared of their stunning look: that doesn’t mean they are unapproachable. On the contrary, they are very open for communication and would be very glad to help you in a foreign country. Asking the way is an excellent excuse to chat up a girl. You can meet more girls in big Russian cities so it’s advisable to start your searches from the capital city.

Parks. These are excellent venues where you can meet Russian girls. You shouldn’t feel awkward about meeting girls during the day time. Russian women like when a handsome man, especially foreigner, comes up to them and starts a conversation. They will find a minute to listen to you unless you clearly see that a woman is really busy.

Malls. Another place where you can meet Russian girls is a shopping mall. Girls usually go there with their female friends so you can meet even more beauties. It’s not advisable to chat up the girls who work in the stores as you can only imagine how many guys are trying to do that daily. So you should focus on the girls who come there to do shopping or window-shopping. If somebody catches your eye, approach her and ask her how you can find a particular store. Then, as the conversation starts, tell her that you were actually going to have a snack and ask her to join you.

Bookstores. Large bookstores where the customers can sit on the sofas and relax leafing through the book pages can make a good place for meeting smart Russian girls. To make sure that she knows English, you should sit near the section with the books for learning English.

Coffee-shops. Usually, people come to coffee-shops to read a book or to spend a break. However, if you see a girl busily typing on her laptop, then it’s better not to interfere. But when you see a nice girl sitting alone at the table and there are no more available tables, you can politely ask her whether she doesn’t mind your company. Another excuse to start talking to a girl can be asking her to help you with the WiFi password in that coffee-shop. To express your gratitude, you may offer her another cup of coffee. If she is in the mood of talking, introduce yourself, ask what her name is and go on your conversation. Tell her why you’re here in Russia and ask her to say a couple of words about herself.

Clubs. If you are used to meeting girls in clubs or at the bars, go to the night club in Russia. Russian girls dress up really hot for those events because they come there with the purpose to meet somebody. This also means that those girls enjoy social events and like being among people.

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