What You Should Know About Russian Relationship Superstitions


The Russian are a very superstitious nation. They think they are surrounded by the omens at every step. You should be very careful because as an outsider you may pull a boner at any time. Of course, when your Russian girlfriend sees your bewildered face, she will explain to you her reaction but it’s always better to be prepared for any surprises in advance. There are a lot of superstitions concerning everyday life. Along with them, there are a number of dating and relationship beliefs that you should be aware of in order to avoid some awkward situations.

  • Stepping on other person’s foot.

If your girl accidentally steps on your foot, don’t be surprised if she’ll ask you to step on her foot in return. There is a superstition (if you might have already guessed) that if the person whose feet were stepped on doesn’t do the same to you, something unpleasant will happen to your couple in the nearest future such as a quarrel.

  • Looking back on your wedding day.

It’s a bad sign to look back while going to the church. You should control yourself and resist the temptation to turn your head even if you spot something interesting on your way. The act of looking back symbolizes that you can’t let your former home, lifestyle, and habits go. Before embarking on a new stage of your life, it’s necessary to leave a part of your life in the past. If you want to be happy in marriage, you should look only ahead anticipating the start of a whole new life with a person you love. According to the superstition, if either a bride or a groom looks back on their way to the church, their marriage is destined to be unhappy.

  • Taking off one’s ring.

This superstition warns against taking off your wedding ring just to show it to the others. In Western countries, it’s totally OK to take your ring off your finger and show it to the person who asked you to have a look at it because it is very beautiful. Western people don’t think it may be a bad sign. The person who asks to have a close look at your ring just wants to admire it and that’s it. In Russia, it’s considered unacceptable. There is a belief that taking off your ring, which is the symbol of your love, you pass that your marital bliss to the person whom you show it. What is even worse is letting the other person try your ring on. In order not to lose your happiness, you are allowed only to show your wedding ring at a distance without taking it off your finger. This superstition forbids both men and women taking their rings off.

  • Giving flowers.

Another group of superstitions concerns giving flowers to Russian girls. Since it’s the most popular gift in Russia, you need to know some don’ts before buying a large bouquet for your date.

  • Don’t give yellow flowers.

Yellow flowers symbolize separation. If you give them to your Russian girlfriend, she will think that you’ll have a fight in the nearest future that will cause your breakup with her.

  • Don’t give the even number of flowers.

Unlike some Western countries where buying the even number of flowers is considered appropriate, in Russia, only the odd number of flowers is a norm. Flowers in the even amount are brought to the funerals. If you buy flowers for your date or as a gift, your bouquet should contain the odd number of flowers. In any Russian flower stand, a seller will give you a sad look if you say you need two or four flowers. If you say that it’s for your girl, a seller will definitely suggest that you actually need three or five flowers.

  • Sitting at the table corner.

It’s a bad sign for an unmarried girl to sit at the corner of a table. It is believed that she will not get married in the nearest seven years. So, if you and your girl have dinner with your friends, make sure that she doesn’t have to sit at the table corner.

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