What Do Foreign Men Think About Russian Women.

You will always accurately determine Russian women in the crowd. Even without makeup and fanciful clothing. Why? What is so special there in Slavic girls, that men turn around after them, give flowers, diamonds and other cute things?

1. Femininity. It’s no secret that foreigners travel to Russia, as to the exhibition. “Every day – a week of high fashion – they say – in our own country, we have long forgotten how beautiful it when a woman wears shoes with heels, romantic blouses and dresses.”

2. Romanticism. Oddly enough, the concept of love and family still have a huge value for Russian women. They still want the moon walks, whisper in the ear, confessions, million red roses on every engagement and wedding anniversary. Foreign women such things consider overkill and holdover.

3. Intelligence. Without exception, all foreigners note that Slavic girls are very smart and well-educated. Intelligence, education, and natural charm make them perfect interlocutors, so men do not hesitate to take their Russian wives at receptions, banquets, and so on. And thanks to the first point, they and their beauty overshadows everyone else there.

4. Craziness. And this is that thing which Enrique Iglesias appreciates a lot in his beloved Anna Kournikova. More than once in an interview the singer claimed that he goes crazy with Anya’s ability to perform all sorts of mischief, not afraid to break a nail or tear stockings.

5. Their love to the bright colors. If you see a girl in a bright green, juicy red or yellow on the streets of European cities, 90% of a hundred, she is Russian. This feature of Russian women is noticed by all, it’s a fact.

6. The power of spirit. That’s what people all around the world are trying to unravel for the centuries. The strength, optimism, vitality of Slavic women admire all men. And often European husbands learn from Russian wives to be stronger, more easily, more optimistic.

7. Sexuality. If we talk about Russian women it’s not naked body, it’s a smile, a subtle gesture, turning the head, look… They have no equal in this art. All men love flirting – then that Eastern European ladies have in the blood. This list is endless. Foreigners say Russian women are extremely funny, honest, generous, creative. They admire ability of Slavic women to take care for themselves, always look stunning, even for a casual walk to the store.

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