Romance in your life

Ukrainian  spring is a rainy season. It is time when nature renews but meanwhile  it  is  time  of  natural  cataclysms.  It doesn’t mean the tornadoes  blows  the pure country, it means just rains and lightning. During  such  weather  you  feel that nature intrudes your life of the simple  citizen,  ordinary  person  of  the  21st  century. You are as defenseless  in  front  of  it  as your ancient ancestor. It is a good reason to think about the power as natural as ancient, I mean love. Love and romance rule our life. You feel yourself free and realized if you  have  loving  heart  to  share  your  victories with, if you have someone  next  to  you  able to love you for what you are. The raining evening  becomes  easy, pleasant and romantic if you may share it with some close heart!
You  read  this  post  and it probably means you haven’t met your love yet. So don’t lose the time of your precious life, use the opportunity you have not to stay alone, find your love on! Your destiny is looking for you this rainy day!

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