Who Must do the First Step?

Ukraine  is  traditional  country  despite  her  closeness  to Europe. Nowadays  European  values  are  closer  to  each person than any time before, so you may meet in Ukraine feminists, gays, fighters for human rights  and  other members of modern society, but here in Ukraine such people  consist  a very small part of the society. People look at them as  extravagant  persons  and lead their normal life. And in Ukrainian normal life it is a man who must make the first step in relationships. Man  must be initiative, strong, open, he must confess and a girl must accept  his feelings to refuse them. Don’t expect that Ukrainian woman will  act  a  European one, it is hardly possible. Be more traditional because  she  is probably more traditional than the women you have met before.  If you know it, you can use it and find someone matching you! Don’t be shy and look for your love with Romance Compass dating site!

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