What is not Scam

Scam is misuse of your trust with purpose to get money. Communicating with some person from the Internet you always take a risk. You may diminish the risk using dating site which would check your partner’s identity and offers you live video chat where you can confirm that the girl you are communicating with is the same you like on the photo.

After that you may feel completely protected but sometimes it doesn’t happen. You think she doesn’t pay you attention enough, answer with generic words and is insincere with you. Your conclusion is fast – she is a scammer! Be careful, you may be mistaken!

Don’t forget that you are communicating with alive person. She isn’t a doll or a picture, she has her own life! She has her friends and relatives in this life. You try to find place in her heart and her life and you must always remember it isn’t easy. If you date a girl living next door you also may have problems in relationships. You may see her everyday but you cannot find common language with her. It is often happens in life. It is one of the reasons you are on the dating site, isn’t it? So remember, your personality doesn’t change if you talk to someone not in real life but vie site. Her personality also doesn’t change. You both must make endeavors to get good close relationships, it takes time and it isn’t easy for both sides! So stop being afraid she is a scammer, just remember she is a normal girl you like! Talk to her, explain your feelings and your expectations, ask her about her goals and it will work out! If you use Romance Compass live video chat service, it will help you to understand each other better and to avoid problems in future! Love and be loved with Romance Compass!

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