Old New Year

There is a special Ukrainian custom one must know dating Ukrainian girl. People in Ukraine celebrate Old New Year according Julian calendar. The difference between Gregorian calendar used all over the world and Julian used by Russian Orthodox Church is 13 days, so today, in January, 13 New Year really comes to Russia and Ukraine. We must confess that climate and weather incline to follow old Julian calendar. Usually last days of December and first two weeks of January are very rainy, dirty and wet. It looks like cold and unpleasant autumn. True winter comes after true New Year 🙂

It is the last day of the New Year holidays. If you communicate with Ukrainian girl, it means her holiday duties are over, she congratulated dozens of her relatives and friends, she visited the aged generation of her family and exchanged New Year gifts with her coworkers, nieces and cousins, she answered a lot of telephone calls and sang a lot of New Year songs, so now it is over and she is free! She is available for you again! You are the most important person in her life and she will do her best to show it! Use this moment of new closeness between you both. She is tired to be friend, niece, daughter and granddaughter, she wants to be your beloved! Don’t disregards her wish and be happy!

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