Christmas Holiday in Ukraine

Ukraine has its customs in celebrating New Year and Christmas. The big part  of  the  customs comes from the old times when Ukraine was rural country  and  a  lot of people were villagers. So the children go over the  village  singing  songs  during Christmas and grown ups give them sweets,  cakes and other delicious things. Sometimes youngsters do the same  and  during the Christmas night they can collect a lot of stuff. Afterwards  participants  go  home  to  some  of  the  company and eat everything with songs.
Nowadays  such  customs  becomes  more  and  more archaic and a lot of people  just gather with all the family and have common festive dinner together.
Ukrainians  have a special dish for Christmas eve. It is rice porridge with raisins and honey.
Christmas  is  a family holiday. It isn’t a day for romantic passion, this day you must show your deeper feelings, to think over if you want to  be  together  and to become a family one day. Whatever you decide, don’t forget to greet your beloved and have Merry Christmas!

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