New Year Gifts

Ukrainians  have  no  custom  to present gifts for Christmas, but they present  gifts  for  New  Year.  It  is  a  holiday  when you ought to demonstrate  your  relation  to  the  big  circle  of your friends and relatives.   Telephone  call with greetings is absolutely necessary if you  want  to save  relation. You  also may present a New Year Card, it is also possible.
This day is a special case to present something to your girlfriend. It will  show  your feelings and make the day as festive for you both. So what to present?
The  gift  must  not be too big or expensive. It must be something you can  put  under  the fir-tree so that she could find it there. You may present:
1. Sweets. Chocolate is the best, it is a good choice if she likes it.
2. Alcohol. Champaign is known as New Year wine and always will be in.
3. Perfume. Any woman likes it in any situation.
4. A  book. Woman novel or nice poem collection will underline your feelings.
5. Tea. Unusual exotic  sort  with  fruits  and flower petals is very delicious, it is the best drink for long winter evenings.
If you are communicating on-line and cannot meet New Year together in the same room, you may use Romance Compass gift delivery service to choose  and  present a New Year gift to your beloved! The best gift is your feelings, don’t be afraid to show them!

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