If You Have no Time for Relationships

If  you  are short of time and your girlfriend, met in real life or on the dating site, cannot communicate with you as often as she wants, it is  a  very  bad  situation  and  it  may  end in the sad way for you. Starting  relationships you must understand that in case you meet your mate your life will change. Being with someone together means to spend time together, to communicate, to share everything happened to you and to  let  another  person come into your life. It is what relationships means.  If you have no time for it, you have no time for relationships itself. In such a case it isn’t fair to get woman’s attention, to make
her  to  spend  time for you meanwhile you are not going to be serious with  her.  Unexperienced woman may start waiting till you change your attitude  but  it  is  you who may change it, not her. Very often such waiting  ends  with  nothing, a woman loses months and years she could spend   with   the  right person  meanwhile her partner doesn’t change. May be it is pleasant to use someone with no intention to do something  for  this  person,  but it isn’t right. It will take your time as well and   you   may  miss  someone  you  may  change  for.  Be honest with
yourself,  otherwise you will cause problems you cannot manage! If you have no time for a woman, ask yourself if you really need her!

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