Communication via E-mail

People  have been writing letters thousands years long. It is the best way to exchange news, to open your heart, to keep contact with someone living  far  away.  Nowadays  mobile  phones  replaces letters in some points  and  people think new times are not good for long writing. But if  the  popularity  of  the  paper  letters really diminished, e-mail become much more spread way of communication.
Meeting  someone  on  the dating site you know this person is far from you  and  to  stay in touch you have to exchange mails. Mails are also the best way to share feelings and ideas. Writing a mail you have time to  think  your  words over, to find the best one, to explain what you exactly  mean.  You  will  not  forget words because of shyness in her presence.  If  you  forgot  something,  you  always can find necessary information  in  the Internet or in your computer. Yes, you cannot see her  face  and  you  feel  far from her, but don’t forget it is just a distance,  meanwhile  writings  her  you  are very close to her in your mind.  Don’t  refuse the best sides of on-line communication, use them all and enjoy romantic dating with Romance Compass!

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