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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year greetings, find this sweet snow maiden Anastasia at ID:56028.

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Last Days of Spring


Spring is time of hope meanwhile summer is time of realization. Whatever dreams you got in spring, you will be able to make them true in summer. Did you dream about nice girl next to you? Did you hope someone tender and understanding will share your loneliness? Your dreams may become true in some days. Don’t miss your chance, some wonderful romantic girl is waiting for you! You may register on and find your love there! It is real communication very close to real life. You choose a girl you want, contact her and you build relationships as if you meet in real life in your native city! Modern technologies make on-line dating easy and Romancecompass makes it safe! Don’t hesitate to use your chance! Register on Romancecompass right now!

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Romance in your life


Ukrainian  spring is a rainy season. It is time when nature renews but meanwhile  it  is  time  of  natural  cataclysms.  It doesn’t mean the tornadoes  blows  the pure country, it means just rains and lightning. During  such  weather  you  feel that nature intrudes your life of the simple  citizen,  ordinary  person  of  the  21st  century. You are as defenseless  in  front  of  it  as your ancient ancestor. It is a good reason to think about the power as natural as ancient, I mean love. Love and romance rule our life. You feel yourself free and realized if you  have  loving  heart  to  share  your  victories with, if you have someone  next  to  you  able to love you for what you are...

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Spring is Coming Soon!


Winter  is  coming  to  the  end,  we have to survive the last days of the dark, cold and unpleasant season. Some people adore winter for its whiteness,  cheerfulness, frost, but most people prefer spring for the awakeners  of  the  nature,  soul  and  heart.  Winter  gives  us  the St.Valentines’ day to cheer us up, but spring offers us the renewal of feelings, emotions and love! It is time to register on Romance Compass and create new love this coming spring!

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What is not Scam


Scam is misuse of your trust with purpose to get money. Communicating with some person from the Internet you always take a risk. You may diminish the risk using dating site which would check your partner’s identity and offers you live video chat where you can confirm that the girl you are communicating with is the same you like on the photo.

After that you may feel completely protected but sometimes it doesn’t happen. You think she doesn’t pay you attention enough, answer with generic words and is insincere with you. Your conclusion is fast – she is a scammer! Be careful, you may be mistaken!

Don’t forget that you are communicating with alive person. She isn’t a doll or a picture, she has her own life! She has her friends and relatives in this life...

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Scam in the Internet


Scam is something everybody can meet in the Internet. Dishonest people like to use new opportunities for their crimes and the Internet gives them such opportunities. You communicate with someone you have never met before. This person lives far away and often in another country. It is very difficult to organize meeting because of distance, financial aspect, your schedule and so on. Sometimes you may communicate some months before you can meet in person. So it is a wide field for dishonest people to use such a situation. Some of them do it just for fun, but some do it to get money in such a way. They take another person’s photos, write from another person’s name, create fake profiles and misuse your time, feelings and money for their purposes.

It is hard to protect yourself in such a situati...

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Celebrate With Romance Compass!


Coming weekend will be festive in the Ukraine. Ukrainians and Russians
celebrate  Christmas  in  January,  6,  this Monday, so they have long weekend  to rest, celebrate, meet family and friends, to feel that new year starts and enjoy being amongst the people they love! It is a good opportunity  to  show your feelings to the girl you found on-line. May be you haven’t decided yet if you are a couple, but Christmas is a big holiday  and  congratulations  this day is necessary. You may send her e-mail,  Christmas  card  or  some gift. Romance Compass gift delivery service  will  help  you  to  choose  the  proper  present considering Ukrainian traditions and the girl’s personal preferences...

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Communication via E-mail


People  have been writing letters thousands years long. It is the best way to exchange news, to open your heart, to keep contact with someone living  far  away.  Nowadays  mobile  phones  replaces letters in some points  and  people think new times are not good for long writing. But if  the  popularity  of  the  paper  letters really diminished, e-mail become much more spread way of communication.
Meeting  someone  on  the dating site you know this person is far from you  and  to  stay in touch you have to exchange mails. Mails are also the best way to share feelings and ideas. Writing a mail you have time to  think  your  words over, to find the best one, to explain what you exactly  mean.  You  will  not  forget words because of shyness in her presence...

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Christmas and New Year Celebration


Christmas is coming. It is a big holiday in all Christian cultures. In Ukraine  we  celebrate  Christmas  in January, 6, after New Year. Last years  tradition  is  returning  to  old times, but as a rule New Year celebration  is  bigger  holiday than Christmas. Here in Ukraine it is normal  to  present  gifts for Christmas just to the children. Usually parents  and  grandparents present something to their little children, adult  people  just  exchange greetings.

Meanwhile we have a custom to exchange  gifts  on  New  Year.  It  is  time  when  you can show your relation  to your friends, relatives and specially to your girlfriend. You  may  present something small, not expensive and nice just to show that  you  celebrate  the  holiday  together...

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Different Ways to Communicate On-line


Communication   is  very  important part of building relationships. If two persons are living so far away communication on the dating site is the only way for them to know each other.
You  may  start  communication  from  live video chat. This service is available  on  the  Romance Compass dating site. Photos in the profile may  be attractive but you never know the girl if you don’t see her in real  life.  Live  video chat give you this opportunity. Besides it is the best way to see that you don’t deal with  scammer. You will see the person from the photo and will be able to ask her about information in her profile to be sure she is the girl you chose.
Another way to communicate is e-mail correspondence. It isn’t as vivid as  live  video  chat  but it has its good sides...

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