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What Do Foreign Men Think About Russian Women.

You will always accurately determine Russian women in the crowd. Even without makeup and fanciful clothing. Why? What is so special there in Slavic girls, that men turn around after them, give flowers, diamonds and other cute things?

1. Femininity. It’s no secret that foreigners travel to Russia, as to the exhibition. “Every day – a week of high fashion – they say – in our own country, we have long forgotten how beautiful it when a woman wears shoes with heels, romantic blouses and dresses.”

2. Romanticism. Oddly enough, the concept of love and family still have a huge value for Russian women. They still want the moon walks, whisper in the ear, confessions, million red roses on every engagement and wedding anniversary. Foreign women such things consider overkill and holdover.


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If You Want to Change Your Partner

If you want to build relationships you must remember that you deal with a personality. Every girl, every woman is a personalty, she has her character, her values, her habits. If you love her, it means you love her in total, you love everything she is including her values, habits and character. if you want to change in her something, think good. Will you love as passionately what you will get? In may cases it is better not to do it even if you can, besides, it is almost impossible to change a grown-up person.
So try to find something good in what you already have. Try to accept her in the way she is. Try to give her what she wants. If you find it necessary to change, you must do it together, remember it. If you want her to change be ready to change yourself!
If you are ready to pa...

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Romance in your life

Ukrainian  spring is a rainy season. It is time when nature renews but meanwhile  it  is  time  of  natural  cataclysms.  It doesn’t mean the tornadoes  blows  the pure country, it means just rains and lightning. During  such  weather  you  feel that nature intrudes your life of the simple  citizen,  ordinary  person  of  the  21st  century. You are as defenseless  in  front  of  it  as your ancient ancestor. It is a good reason to think about the power as natural as ancient, I mean love. Love and romance rule our life. You feel yourself free and realized if you  have  loving  heart  to  share  your  victories with, if you have someone  next  to  you  able to love you for what you are...

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Meeting on the Site

The  communication  via  dating site has its specific. You cannot meet your partner in person and should use web-ways to keep in touch. Firstly  you must consider time difference. Web-cam is a normal way to communicate  nowadays and Romance Compass offers such a service as live video  chat,  but  you live in different countries and time difference may  be  very  big.  If  you appoint a virtual dating with web-cam, it would   take   more   endeavors  to find the time convenient for both. As  a  rule  Ukrainian  girls  don’t  stay indoors, they are studying, working,   lead  active  life,  so  don’t  be afraid to meet different complications  on the way. If you both wish it, you will overwhelm any obstacle!
Communication on-line is a sphere of words...

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She is too Beautiful, I Have no Chance!

It  is a common mistake in the dating on-line. Looking at the stunning photo,  you may think it is impossible to catch her attention and even don’t  try.  It  means you lose before you try to win, and it is a bad policy in any situation.
Firstly,  the beauty isn’t the most important in relationships. If the beauty  give  everything  in  this field, the girl wouldn’t use dating site  to  find  her  man, would she? She put her profile on the dating site  and  it  means  she  couldn’t  find her man amongst dozen people trying  to  date her for her beauty. She looks for something else, and the  easiest  way  to know what she looks for is to ask her! And it is the  first  step  of  communication,  the  beginning  which could lead to mutual love and romance!
Here ...

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If You Have no Time for Relationships

If  you  are short of time and your girlfriend, met in real life or on the dating site, cannot communicate with you as often as she wants, it is  a  very  bad  situation  and  it  may  end in the sad way for you. Starting  relationships you must understand that in case you meet your mate your life will change. Being with someone together means to spend time together, to communicate, to share everything happened to you and to  let  another  person come into your life. It is what relationships means.  If you have no time for it, you have no time for relationships itself. In such a case it isn’t fair to get woman’s attention, to make
her  to  spend  time for you meanwhile you are not going to be serious with  her...

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Reasons to be Together

RobotRomanceCompassTo find common language is one of the biggest problems of our life. Two people lead different life and have a few common points. How may they be together? They didn’t watch the same movies, they didn’t listen to the same music, they didn’t meet the same people. What will unite them?
The first important reason is physical attraction. Our nature is very powerful and usually people cannot overwhelm it. But living in different countries it is very hard to rely just upon physical attraction. It may be important later, after meeting in real life but not at this stage.
The second powerful thing belonging to the relationships is matching characters. It is very important especially in on-line relationships. Dating site gives a lot of opportunities to communicate and to prove your characte...

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Different Goals of the On-line Communication

_Together_RomanceCompass Different people choose different goals of the communication. It works both in real or virtual life. If someone isn’t ready to serious relationships, he will look for flirt in the Internet. And here you may meet another point of view at the same situation.
Romance Compass dating site invites just serious Ukrainian girls. They take it very seriously and honestly. They want to create a family or to have serious long-lasting relationships. They are ready to invest their time in communication because they have serious intentions.  Ukrainian girls are family-oriented, good educated, honest, beautiful, sincere, affable. They are ready to open their hearts and meet in real life because they take the chance Romance Compass gives them very

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Common Mistake on the Dating Site: Sign Your Name!

CommRomanceCompassCommunication on-line has its rules. They are simple but neglecting them you may cause problems from nothing. It is very easy to avoid problems if you follow some simple advices.
The one from the subject is very simple but not everybody does it. Remember, you want to communicate with a person from another country, another nation, another culture. She must not know everything you think being evident. Some things are not evident for her and may evoke negative emotions. If you don’t sign your name she may think you are not attentive to her and don’t care about her, and it is a bad impression for the first time. Just do it, sign your name and she will
know how to call you!
Follow this rule and enjoy communication on the Romance Compass dating site!

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On-line Dating in the Modern World

Dating Romance CompassNowasays the Internet becomes a big part of our life. People use it for pleasure, entertainment, travels and job. It fulfills a lot of functions we always thought to be perfectly real, so it is normal that the Internet takes some functions in such a sphere as dating. Internet dating is highly developed now. There are a lot of dating sites for people looking for their mate. You may register there, communicate online, know each other, plan meeting and create a strong relationship. It is a normal part of modern life. But you must be careful in the Internet. It is a wide world of freedom and some people misuse it. Some people pretend they are not who they are. It is a problem. You may lose your money in such a way, but the most important you lose your time for sure...

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